After visiting various showrooms, we found KitchenSmart and were impressed by the Schuller product and felt immediately that David would be good to work with. We loved his design, as he understood what we wanted, but then spent several sessions refining the details. We were supplied with all new appliances with KitchenSmart itemising and matching internet prices, which was an added bonus. We wanted a turnkey project (fitting, plastering, flooring, decorating etc) so on placing the order, we were given a detailed timetable and knew exactly what to expect. Our fitters, Mark and Steve, and plasterer decorator Matt, were equally fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble and they are so easy to have in the house. Plus they, like David who dropped by regularly, are total perfectionists. Mark spotted problems before I did and the situation was already being resolved before he even told us. The incredibly beautiful quartz worktop (Blanco Starlight since you ask) was fitted askew by 3mm which we would never have noticed, but the fitters were asked to come back and fit it correctly. The kitchen itself is fabulous quality and we are so pleased. Our ‘Concorde wing’ breakfast bar (just ask David!) looks especially stunning. Everything fits perfectly and we absolutely love being in the kitchen. We cannot recommend this company highly enough.