Schuller Kitchens

With all the uncertainty around the UK’s exit from the European Union, we are delighted that Schuller Kitchens, our quality kitchen manufacturer in every sense, has protected us and our customers from ‘Brexit’.

No Unexpected Costs

This letter means that we can plan and cost our kitchen designs as per usual without the worry we will be hit by unforeseen charges.

Quality Kitchen Manufacturer

Hopefully, the letter speaks for itself, both in terms of what it says directly, but also what it says indirectly.

Most people appreciate that supplying, fitting and maintaining kitchens can be a complicated business; there are literally thousands of moving parts. But whenever there is a problem, we are happy to say that Schuller always steps up and owns the issue. They put things right quickly.

This gesture is typical of them, and why we are so pleased to have been recommending them over the years.

We are Brexit Proof