The value in buying a Schuller kitchen from KitchenSmart

Schuller kitchens manufacture a substantially higher quality kitchen product than what is available to you from the large national retailers in the UK, and at a surprisingly competitive price.

In the video below we share with you some of the many reasons why we believe Schuller Kitchens are better.

Schuller represent excellent value purchase within the current kitchen market.

So you may ask yourself, why do we choose to sell Schuller kitchens? Well the answer is multi faceted but in brief its really quite simple. When faced with our options (and we are totally independent and choose who we buy from) we feel Schuller in Germany represent the best combination of quality and value in the market place today.

“Friendly and easy to deal with, offering a superb level of service tailored to your needs, the place to go to for kitchens in Milton Keynes”


High quality kitchens at not much more than High Street prices

Price is always important to consumers, we understand that, and so when requesting a quotation from KitchenSmart you will be pleasantly surprised at our price compared to the big retail park brands, DIY stores and ‘Trade’ companies in the UK.

If you were to compare what you are actually buying from the UK high street/retail park / trade companies and were to understand this in more detail then you would see that the Schuller offer is what we call ‘a No brainer’

If you were offered a new kitchen from a high street retailer in the UK for £10,000.00 and I told you we could do the same design for either the same price or just a little more but would deliver you a far superior product would you be interested? Sure you would.

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Why Schuller Kitchens are Better

We are only interested in supplying great quality kitchens that stand the test of time. Excellent value for money and built from higher quality raw materials than standard UK kitchens that are built to last.

  • Perfect motion on all moving componentry
  • Strength and rigidity from real timber supports & bridges
  • Double-sided moisture resistant barriers
  • Blum® soft-close hinges, guaranteed for life
  • Cable management, quiet-shut door buffers, and many more

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to colors, textures and patterns, all on top of the exceptional service and creative design that we put into every single project.

Why choose Schuller Kitchen?

What you will get delivered from Schuller is very different from The UK retail park/DIY shops when it comes to the quality of the raw materials used, the specification of the componentry in the kitchen and the level of manufacturing quality and precision. These factors simply put a Schuller kitchen in a totally different league.

Don’t let the UK retail park kitchen companies and big DIY stores fool you or cloud your judgement with their ‘amazingly’ good offers. Their discounts are false, they are lying to you.

You do not get 50% off the kitchens, the prices are hiked up at the front end on purpose. Do not be a victim of this unfair psychological selling practice.

Great value kitchens for competitive prices

Do not be pressured into signing because this deal you are being offered runs out today. Step back and ask yourself, if they need to use such tactics to sell their kitchens is this really the right deal for you? Are you actually buying a great quality kitchen?

We don’t use these selling practices because we do not believe in them, plus we do not need to resort to such underhand practices because the quality of the furniture we sell and service we provide speak for themselves and is transparently visible in our fully verified reviews that are handled by Which? The UKs leading independent consumer body.

Happy Clients

Your fitters performed a superb job; I am more than delighted with their work. They were extremely courteous and couldn’t do enough to help. Very happy with the company as a whole.

Angus McQuade