Visible and concealed door openers

There are various options for opening doors, drawers and pull-outs. A popular and purist solution is the handleless option. Admirers of practical or decorative handles can choose from a wealth of different designs.


A light press of the hand or knee is sufficient to open the pull-out or drawer: The mechanical TIP-ON door opening system provides great convenience. Even on tall and wide fronts, a large trigger area ensures that the TIP-ON mechanism always opens reliably. And the buffering system enables doors to be closed just as perfectly. A further benefit is the perfect join image without handles or ledges; With TIP-ON, purist blocks can be designed, whose front is disturbed by nothing – merely the thin join between the fronts can be seen.


The C-DRIVE automatically opens lift-up doors, folding flap doors and climbers at the touch of a button. The C-DRIVE support is a great help, even when opening larger and heavier doors, for example on refrigerators. A combination of C-DRIVE and TIP-ON is the perfect solution for automatically closing wall units with flap doors.

Grip Ledge Rail

Our Grip Ledge Rail front look enables an elegant appearance thanks to reduced lines. The result is a front image that can be seen as a further development of an even clearer design style, more consistent lines and a more objective reduction. This option is limited to just one horizontal grip ledge profile below the worktop that is used for opening the first drawer or pull-out. The drawers/pull-outs below them are opened by means of the mechanical drawer/ pull-out opening system TIP-ON. The result is a reduced front appearance with aesthetic appeal.


The kitchen is becoming more and more of a design object – with sleek fronts, a transition to the living room and special organisation features. A kitchen without handles offers clean lines and is calm and purist. Here the front is entirely in the spotlight, whether colourful, veneered or lacquered. Yes, the reduced lines are a hit with design fans, but thanks to the adjoining surfaces it’s also easier to look after than ever before. The aesthetic appeal of this special kitchen design provides an optimal transition to the living room and turns functional space into living spac

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